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Professional Resume Writing


We write ATS-ready resumes that work in today's hiring environment.

We help our customers succeed in their careers by preparing up-to-date, professional, stand-out resumes. We create new resumes, update outdated resumes, and improve existing resumes so that our customers feel confident when applying for jobs.

The hiring landscape is changing. 75% of large companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to algorithmically screen through thousands of resumes when hiring. Our services are designed to help you stand out in today's hiring environment, double your interviews, and land that dream job.

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We work with clients in all geographic locations.

All of our writers are U.S.-based, and we work with clients in all geographic regions. Our writers work remotely, via phone and email, with our clients. 


We work with clients in all industries.

Our team of 100+ writers work with clients in all industries, including but not limited to Education, Government, Finance, Healthcare, Information Technology, Insurance, Management, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Services, State and Local Government, and Utilities.

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Professionally written

Customized for you

MS Word format

Satisfaction guaranteed

Resume writing

Professional Cover Letter Writing


We write professional cover letters that get noticed.

We help our customers stand out by writing persuasive, memorable cover letters that highlight our customers' strengths and are targeted to a specific job and employer. ​


While a well-crafted resume demonstrates a candidate's qualifications and previous work experience; cover letters round out the story and explain to an employer why a candidate is applying for a job. They are a critical step in persuading the hiring manager that a candidate would be a great fit for a particular position.

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Our cover letters are versatile.

We write cover letters that can be used when applying for multiple jobs that are similar in nature to one another. Our clients simply modify a few small pieces of text for each position to which they're applying (e.g. the employer name and position title). 

This strategy isn't always called for, and there are situations when entirely different cover letters should be used for different applications. Our experienced writers will provide feedback on your individual circumstances to position you for success.

Professionally written

Unique to your situation


MS Word format

Satisfaction guaranteed

Cover letter writing

Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing


We create stand-out, effective LinkedIn profiles.

70% of employers look at social media when hiring. We help our customers build out their social media profiles by updating, enhancing, or creating their LinkedIn profiles. 

LinkedIn is the most common platform for posting professional experience, education, and skills. It differs from a resume in several ways, and we optimize our customers' LinkedIn profiles to enhance their social media presence and separate themselves in a highly competitive hiring environment.​ 

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Easy to update and keep all changes confidential.

We'll create new content for your LinkedIn profile and send it to you in an easy-to-use guide in MS Word format. You can then copy and paste the content into your LinkedIn profile. Following our guide, you can keep all changes confidential.

Professionally written

Strictly confidential

Complete update

Satisfaction guaranteed

Linkedin profile writing

Career Consulting

We provide personalized career guidance and consulting.

We provide individualized, 1x1 consulting to support our clients through their career transitions. This service is customized to each client's individual situation and needs. It may include any of the following services (and more):

  1. Setting up online profiles on major job boards

  2. Sourcing jobs of interest

  3. Creating additional hiring documents

  4. Determining what jobs or career paths best fit a client's experience and interests

  5. Providing interview preparation through the form of mock interviews

  6. Providing strategic advice on how to best position yourself throughout the process.

Every situation is unique. Our goal is to get you results.

Most clients that approach us are going through a career transition. Whether looking for a new job, seeking a promotion, or transitioning from military to civilian life; our clients' situations and goals vary. We approach consulting with a flexible line of services that are designed to define and accomplish your career goals.

Our Personal Recruiting Service integrates consulting. For more information, visit our dedicated Personal Recruiting page. Additionally, you can purchase consulting services through our returning client services or individual services order forms.

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Work with our best

Unique to your situation


Targeted advice

Flexible services

Career consulting

Interview Preparation

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We help clients nail the interview.

We help our clients prepare for interviews by conducting mock interviews and providing specific feedback and coaching. Whether you have a specific interview coming up or are simply looking to sharpen your interview skills, our interview coaches are ready to help.

Practice makes perfect.

When you place an order, you'll let us know more about your situation. We'll prepare an interview that is mostly likely to mirror any upcoming interviews you may have. We'll then schedule a time to perform a mock (i.e. practice) interview. Mock interviews are typically held 1x1 between you and your interviewer via video call. ​


Alternatively, if interested, you can schedule the interview preparation session to discuss strategies and tips that will help you succeed in an interview.


Mock interviews

Written feedback

Customized to you

Interview Preparation

Personal Statements

We help craft personal statements.

We'll create a personal statement based on any job or university applications you have coming up. We'll work with you to craft a persuasive, compelling story that helps you achieve your individual objectives. This service is also used to create a short biography used in a corporate setting (e.g. on a company website).

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Every situation is unique. Our goal is to get you results.

When you place an order, you'll let us know more about your situation. We'll inquire about the use and goal of the personal statement, and we'll work with you to craft the perfect statement for your unique situation. 

Compelling statements

Unique to your situation

100-2000 words

Personal Statements

Returning Client Services

We love working with our returning clients!

We offer discounts and additional services to returning clients. Whether you a list of services available only to returning clients. 

These services include the following: 

  • Resume updates

  • Complete resume revamps

  • Cover letters

  • LinkedIn profile updates

  • Interview preparation

  • Personal statements

  • Career consulting

  • Additional services

For a list of prices and more information, view our returning client order form or reach out to us at Thank you!


Discounts on services

Unique services

Our best writers

Returning Client Services
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