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We offer a unique proposition in that you pay for our services after we have drafted up your new resume. Our goal is to make the process as risk-free and straight-forward as possible. When you place an order, we'll pair you up with one of our professional writers. That writer will reach out to you and work with you to create your documents. You are then able to preview elements of your resume (e.g. formatting, content). That way, you know in advance that you're paying for a high quality, professional written and formatted resume. We're the only large resume writing company to offer this unique pay-after model, and it ensures our customers are satisfied with the service they're receiving before providing payment.

In some cases (though they are very rare), we may require payment up-front. This occurs in less than 5% of orders and is done only in unique circumstances (e.g. a very tight turnaround time requirement). 

Once payment has been made, the sale is considered final, even though we still provide additional services after the payment has been made, such as the 30-day interview guarantee we offer all professional and premium package customers.

30-day interview guarantee: This guarantee is applicable to all professional and premium package deals (click here to view package deals). We want you to get interviews. If you haven't seen a marked increase in interviews within 30 days of using our services, we'll provide additional personalized, 1x1 career guidance and application support free of charge. Career guidance services are conducted via phone or online video chat. For professional package orders, we offer 1 hour of free coaching. For premium package orders, we offer 2 hours of free coaching.

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