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We offer a unique proposition in that you pay for our services after we have drafted up your new resume. Our goal is to make the process as risk-free and straight-forward as possible. When you place an order, we'll pair you with one of our professional writers. That writer will reach out to you and work with you to create your documents. You are then able to preview elements of your resume (e.g. formatting, content). That way, you know in advance that you're paying for a high quality, professionally written and formatted resume. We're the only large resume writing company to offer this unique pay-after model, and it ensures our customers are satisfied with the service they're receiving before providing payment.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are not available after services have been provided. If you made a purchase and have not received services, please contact us here. For example, if you purchased a professional package and have only received a resume, then we are able to refund you for the services not yet received if this is something of interest (i.e. the cover letter and LinkedIn profile).


If you are not satisfied with our services after having received them, we kindly as you contact us. While we may not be able to offer a refund if the services have already been provided, we would like to hear your feedback and review your order. In some cases, the best path forward is to have another writer step in, review the work completed, and make updates where constructive.

60-day Interview Guarantee: 

We want you to see results! If you have not been invited to interview after applying to at least 10 positions within 60 days of paying for your order, please contact us here. You must have purchased a Professional Package or a Premium Package to qualify, and our guarantee entitles you to additional services free of charge. We offer 1 hour of consulting if you ordered a Professional Package and 2 hours of consulting if you ordered a Premium Package. You'll work with a Senior Writer on our team who will provide customized feedback and advice for your particular situation. Please note that our 60-day interview guarantee is not a money-back guarantee. Rather, it is a commitment to continue to provide services at no cost to you, in an effort to help you get traction. 

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