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We’re looking for the industry’s best resume-writing professionals to join our team.

We’re hiring writers for remote-based positions. We’re looking for creative, persuasive, professional writers that have experience in the resume-writing space. Hours are very flexible, work is 100% remote, and pay is contract-based (e.g. you are not paid hourly, but are paid based on work completed).

Open Positions (USA): 

*Please note: you must be based in the United States to apply to the position above. Unfortunately, you cannot reside in California due to the new AB-5 law that was passed into law in 2020 that limits job opportunities for remote-based contractors.  We offer international positions for our sister-companies (TopStack Canada, TopStack Australia, and others) through the link below.

Open Positions (International): 

100% of our writers, management team, and developers are based in the U.S.A. 

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Email: support@topstackresume.com

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